Gray cat


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Rainpath Speaks: Personality & StrengthEdit

Hello! My name is Rainpath, I am a LakeClan warrior. Winterstar told me to tell you about our personality here. Personally, I am mostly quiet here, but when us LakeClan warriors get mad, we go wild! Senior warriors learned how to control their tempers. Yound warriors only care about love, loyalty, and protection! Seriously, lets take a walk around the camp. We'll see to the nursery there. Kits are just little bundles of joy! Well, only if they are happy, of course.

Take a look over this thick, damp lichen hanging down; look under this giant willow tree. Right now the queens are taking their afternoon nap, but those kits are so energetic! They are restless and have tireless energy. Oops, are you okay, Redkit? Did Stormkit push you over? Oh no, he's beginning to cry! LakeClan cats can be very sensitive. They get heart broken and taken aback easily. But we are still strong! Oh, Redkit is mad now! Also, after LakeClan cats cry or feel sad, anger rises in their souls. Sometimes they get carried away and hurt another, but some warriors get over it. Aw, Stormkit appologized! Redkit is happy now. See, no big deal eh, Redkit? Like I told you, LakeClan cats are sensitive, but not helpless! We can take care of things easily in a heartbeat. Looks like Stormkit and Redkit are playing with eacch other now.

Hope that teached you. We are just sensitive! We can get happy, mad, sad easily. But remember: we are not stupid, senseless, nor helpless fish! Well, good bye and take care!

More InformationEdit

  • Hopeful
  • Sometimes Grumpy
  • Determined
  • Clever
  • Loyal
  • Quick Moving, but not with feet
  • Best Swimmers in the Forest
  • Not afraid to stand up against warrior code
  • Sensitive
  • Not Afraid
  • Clumsy
  • Klutz
  • Dramatic
  • Takes things seriously
  • Doesn't listen a lot
  • Loves fish
  • Swim just for fun or in battle
  • Loving
  • She-cat are mostly slender, quiet, and pretty
  • Toms are mostly fluffy, speaks out a lot (but not noisy), and handsome
  • Their pelt colors are usually spotted, gray, white, silver, black, dark colored, brown, faint striped

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