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Welcome to LakeClan! We cats are clever, sharp-hearing, bravery, and loyalty. We catch fish quickly with our sharp, long, curved claws. We are the only Clan who are not afraid to get their paws wet and can swim and do underwater battle techniques. LakeClan also eat yummy fish, but when they are crowfood, they can get smelly. Our Clan has a map of our territory, list of herbs, cat translation, dens you can visit, about us, and more! Come on, swim across; you can join any time!

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Welcome to LakeClan! My name is Winterstar, LakeClan's leader. I wanted to start this wiki because I really love the warriors series so I decided to make a role play of warrior cats. Our neighbor Clans are FireClan, EarthClan, and AirClan; the four elements in nature. Credits to Erin Hunter, the fabulous author of the warriors production and along with the HarperCollins studios. If you don't know what Warriors is, just take a look at the "Help" page. Here in LakeClan, you can meet other cats, explore the camp, and just chill! Have fun!

LakeClan24 03:59, December 31, 2010 (UTC)Winterstar

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